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Introduction to DVD creation .

DVD is the new generation of optical disc storage technology. Today, more and more people love to watch DVDs at home to enjoy the higher quality in movies and music.

With the price of DVD burners dropping, more and more people own DVD burners. So now it is easy to create their own DVD movies.

You will need some additional hardware and software to create your own DVD movies.

Hardware : A DVD burner.

Software : DVD creator software. It accepts your input movies and converts them to DVD format. Such as converting AVI to DVD, RM to DVD, RMVB to DVD, ...etc. Then burns them to a real DVD disc.

DVD Software :

  • Video format converter
    Maybe you have downloaded a lot of movies based on all kinds of formats, such as AVI, RM, RMVB, MOV, ...etc. You need a tool to convert them to DVD. My DVD Maker helps you convert AVI to DVD, RM to DVD, RMVB to DVD, WMV to DVD...etc.

    My DVD Maker is compatible with all kinds of videos, and converts them to; mpeg1/mpeg2/vcd/svcd/dvd formats! Please click here to learn more about audio and video codecs.

  • MPEG2 Encoder
    DVD is based on mpeg2 format. To create a DVD movie, you need an mpeg2 encoder. Today, CPUs are really fast, but it still takes alot of time to encode a video to mpeg2 format. Most mpeg2 encoders on the market take two or three times as long as the movies to encode them to DVD. So encoding a two hour movie to DVD could take four or more hours.

    Our product: My DVD Maker has a built in high speed mpeg2 encoder. Most of the time, it takes an hour or less to encode a two hour movie! Don't believe it? Try it now, to see how fast it is!

  • DVD Authoring
    After encoding a movie to mpeg2 format, you have to; create the DVD file system, convert these mpeg files to real DVD content, create each DVD title & chapter and create DVD menus if possible.

    My DVD Maker has a built in DVD Author. It will help you create the DVD file system. Unlike other DVD creators on the market, it can help you create DVD menus automatically. With a DVD menu, it will be easy to navigate the DVD content when you play them on your television. See the screen shot to see the DVD menu example.

  • DVD Burner
    After finishing the DVD authoring, you will have a "DVD" on your hard disc. You need DVD burning software to burn them to a DVD disc. You can use our built in DVD burning software, or you can use third party DVD burning software. See the tutorial to find out how to do it.


A DVD creator should include a video format converter, an mpeg2 encoder, a DVD author and DVD burning software. So, think carefully before you decide which DVD creator to buy. Check each function listed above, because some DVD creators can only do part of the work, so, then you have to buy other software to finish the job.

My DVD Maker does all four functions of DVD creation. My DVD Maker is a video format converter, a fast mpeg2 encoder, a powerful DVD Author and a stable DVD burner. It is an, "All-in-One," application.

So, if you are looking for DVD creating software, don't hesitate any longer. Try it, and enjoy creating your own DVDs now!

Thank you.

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