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This is the introduction of how the dvd creator works.


08/05/2005 My DVD Maker V2.1 released. Fix a small bug.

08/05/2005 My DVD Maker V2.0 released. Add AVI, WMV, RM and Flash support. now you can use my dvd maker pro do:convert all video to avi. convert all vide to wmv, convert all video to flash, convert all video to rm.

07/18/2005 My DVD Maker V1.8 released. Fix sound tricking bug. Fix some problem when ncoding a movie which contain video only. Redesign audio and video mixing. Add default background picture for generating dvd menu.

07/10/2005 My DVD Maker V1.7 Released. New feature added. Add a dvd author function to convert your vob files to dvd. fix some small setting bugs.

07/05/2005 My DVD Maker V1.6 Released. New feature added. Add DVD Menu Desinger to let user design dvd menu interactivly.

07/02/2005 My DVD Maker V1.5 Released.Bug Fixed: Some special size of movies will get a wrong image after encoded, fix it. change default audio format from mp2 to ac3 to support multi-audio channels.

06/30/2005 My DVD Maker V1.4 Released.Fix crash bug when encoding movies which contain only video stream. change default tv setting to 16:9.

06/27/2005 My DVD Maker V1.3 Released.Beautify user interface.

06/24/2005 My DVD Maker V1.2 Released.fix the pal and tv aspect setting bug.

06/23/2005 My DVD Maker V1.1 Released.some bug fixed, optimize for speed, add mmx and sse optimization!

06/16/2005 My DVD Maker V1.0 Released.