My-DVD-Maker help you to convert video to DVD directly.

My DVD Maker is a powerful and easy to use DVD creator. it was designed to convert all kinds of video formats, include AVI,RM,WMV, DivX or Xvid to DVD,VCD,SVCD and MPEG format. So you can enjoy your movies on your TV and share them with your friends. support creating DVD menu automatically.

Features include:

  • Friendly wizard guid you to convert your movies to DVD step by step, it make the software very easy to use. just few clicks.
  • The fastest speed in converting movies to DVD. unlike other popular DVD creators, you don't have to wait for a long time, our DVD encoder engine is very fast.
  • High quality of video image . we keep the same image quality as possible as we could.
  • Support batch file converting. you can convert multi-movies to a single DVD. join many avi to single dvd.
  • Support DVD menu creating. you don't need do anything, it will generate DVD menu automatically.
  • Support VCD, SVCD, MPEG2, MPEG1 converting.
  • DVD Burner inside, you can burn the generated DVD content to a real DVD disc easily.
  • DVD Audio support both MP2 and AC3.
07/05/2005 My DVD Maker V1.6 Released. New feature added. Add DVD Menu Desinger to let user design dvd menu interactivly.

07/02/2005 My DVD Maker V1.5 Released.Bug Fixed: Some special size of movies will get a wrong image after encoded, fix it. change default audio format from mp2 to ac3 to support multi-audio channels.

06/30/2005 My DVD Maker V1.4 Released.Fix crash bug when encoding movies which contain only video stream. change default tv setting to 16:9.

06/27/2005 My DVD Maker V1.3 Released.Beautify user interface.

06/24/2005 My DVD Maker V1.2 Released.fix the pal and tv aspect setting bug.

06/23/2005 My DVD Maker V1.1 Released.some bug fixed, optimize for speed, add mmx and sse optimization!

06/16/2005 My DVD Maker V1.0 Released.


Brief introduction on DVD creation.

How to use My DVD Maker to create your own dvd. Quick start


Hardware requirement: Intel CPU with 400 MHz or above, AMD CPU with 450 MHz or higher.32 MB system memory (64MB for Windows XP)

Software requirement:Windows operating system( win9x, win2000, winxp or win2003)..DirectX 9.0, video & audio codecs. click here to get more infomation about codec.

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